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Furniture Store Sydney

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Furniture Store Sydney: We customise our gorgeous sofas to suit your style and fit your space. Our stylish dining settings are made to mix and match and there are hundreds of beautiful furniture available. For more product follow our Instagram and Facebook page. 

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One of The Leading Furniture Stores in Sydney

Rimini Furniture – The Best Furniture At The Best Prices In Sydney 

Rimini Furniture is one of the leading online furniture shops in Sydney. We know how challenging it is for our customers to search for inexpensive furniture in this city. Most of the companies that sell furniture over here operate as conventional retailers. Unlike smart operators like us, they have a lot of unnecessary expenses that they transfer on to the buyers. This includes the money they have to pay to maintain their huge showrooms and to buy furniture from the wholesalers. As a result, their furniture always carries exorbitant price tags. We offer the best furniture at the finest prices. Therefore, we are one of the top furniture stores in Sydney.

We offer contemporary furniture to our customers

We know that for our customers the home is where their hearts are. Therefore, we offer all kinds of furniture for them – this includes both contemporary and traditional products. We have an eclectic and unique mix to offer to our customers. We offer the best quality furniture at cheap rates. This is a major reason we are one of the top furniture shops in Sydney.

If our customers are looking for the best furniture in the capital city of New South Wales, they should come to us because this is the furniture that we specialise in. Their search ends with us. We are a privately owned business and sell all kinds of furniture such as retail, wholesale, and factory direct products. If our customers want, they can purchase our products online. Since we are among the best furniture stores in the region, we can offer our customers whatever they want.

We have a great rangetaxi frankfurt

We know what our customers want from a leading furniture store like us. Therefore, we have such a great range of products for our customers to choose from. This includes the likes of: 

  • extendable dining tables
  • coffee tables
  • customised sofas
  • armchairs
  • contemporary wall units
  • customisable bookcases
  • TV units

Apart from being high quality, our products are very stylish. Thus, we offer the best of both worlds to our discerning clientele. This has cemented our place among the top furniture shops in the city.

We make things easier for our customers

We are always here to assist our customers in every way possible, including selecting the most appropriate furniture for their homes. Therefore, we have decorated our studio store just like a home. This helps our customers to see for themselves the diverse range that we have lined up for them. We have products for all the rooms in our customers’ homes. Therefore, people all around Australia love them. This is a major reason people count us among the leading furniture stores in the region. As a brand, we always focus on making it all about our customers. Therefore, we focus on customising our products and services to give our customers exactly what they want from us. 

Armando Design

Armando Design

Whether you like to curl up comfortably or stretch right out to relax, this Amando  2.5 Seater Sofa Bed chaise with Storage Ottoman  has you covered. Perfect for when those unexpected guests come to stay, this sofa has soft fabric upholstery that looks great in any living room.


* Easily convertible into a double bed, this Amando Sofa Bed also has plenty of storage hidden away under the ottoman so you can keep you home tidy and clutter free.

* You can also choose to order this Amando Sofa Bed with Chaise in 3 different colours.

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